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This page will be in a chronic state of construction, please check back often and see how it's coming along.
A thorough knowledge of cardiac rhythms and arrhythmias, along with the proper treatment is one of the most important tools we have as paramedics.
The tracings you will see here are mostly Lead II, which we use for monitoring. We all know that to confirm any diagnosis, it's important to examine Leads I and III and the precordial leads or MCL1. It just isn't often possible to save tracings from multiple leads.

You can CLICK HERE to check out my tracings, or use the drop-down index below.

You will find that I have put a "right-click block" on the tracing pages (for obvious reasons) If you would like copies of any of the tracings, please EMAIL me with the page number and I will be glad to email you the .jpg file.

More Tracings Added 12/03/2001 !!!

Check back soon for new tracings.  8/22/02

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Please, if you have any interesting tracings, send them to ME. I promise I will give you credit for anything you send. JPG format is the easiest for me to work with, but I can convert just about anything. If you want to send the actual tracings, EMAIL me for a snail mail address or I'll send a stamped addressed envelope if you prefer.
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This section has been upgraded and redone. I have added a few new tracings and will be adding several more in the near future.
To anyone who has tried to send an email from one of the tracing pages and had it bounce, please accept my apologies. There was a typo, which has been corrected.

Please feel free to EMAIL me with any opinions or disagreements with any diagnoses you find here. My whole purpose in creating these pages is to share some of what I have accumulated during my many years in the field and to meet others and learn from their experiences.

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